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Handy tool for Click & Collect: SMS service!

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Handy tool for Click & Collect: SMS service!

Minimise turnover loss during Covid-times

Like most of Europe, Germany is still in a partial lockdown. Only recently, there was another conference on the next steps in the opening of shops – or the extension of the lockdown. Although the federal and state governments have decided on some special regulations, for many stores it is still true that Click and Collect, and now also Click and Meet, are important ways to generate sales in addition to the pure online shop. However, this is a process that requires a great deal of organisation on the part of the shops. A well-known and uncomplicated technology can be very helpful here: SMS.

Click & Collect

After such a long time in lockdown, the system is now familiar to almost everyone: You order the goods on the internet or by phone, you pay for them in advance, you are sent or told a time to pick them up, and then you have to be at the shop as punctually as possible on that date to receive the products. Additional items that have not been pre-ordered may not be sold in the process. Of course, the general distancing rules must be observed and, if possible, the customer must come alone and take delivery of the goods outside. Initially, this service was only allowed for the catering industry, but now even libraries and almost the entire retail trade are taking part.

Shopping by appointment: Click & Meet

In the meantime, there is also a second level of this system: shopping with an appointment. Here, as with Click and Collect, a period must be booked in advance by telephone or online. The contact details of all shoppers must be recorded to ensure tracking by the health authorities is possible. Only people from one household may subsequently appear together at this appointment and the shopping time is limited. In addition, of course, a mask must be worn and a space rule of 40m² per customer or household applies. Accordingly, large shops may also serve several parties.

This means that you can pick up a certain item, but you also have the chance to look around a bit and possibly take two or three more products with you. Even trying on clothes and shoes is allowed.

The best communication thanks to SMS

Regardless of which of these models are being used, there is a lot of organisational effort on the part of the shop. For many people, shopping via Click and Collect was also a completely new method when the lockdown began. From a customer service perspective, it therefore makes sense to follow the entire process closely. After all, it is especially true in these times that one can stand out from the competition in the city centre through excellent service and additional attention on the customer. But how exactly can this be ensured without many employees?

Quite simply, with the help of SMS messages. SMS is one of the most widespread means of communicating virtually with customers, among other reasons because they are opened and read within minutes, unlike emails, which have a much lower open rate.

Send SMS from purchase to pick-up point

Customers using Click & Collect can receive a digital confirmation of their order by SMS. Confirmation of the time slot for picking up the order can also be communicated quickly and simply by SMS. Forgotten time? No problem. At the beginning of the time slot, you can send a reminder by SMS, so you can be sure that the customer will arrive on time to collect the order. That is pleasant and safe for the shop and the customer!

“With an SMS message as a reminder of the shop appointment, the number of no-shows will be kept to a minimum. And that’s a good thing, now that there are far fewer customers visiting your shop at the same time.”

Fewer no shows for shopping by appointment

SMS also makes your customer flow smoother when shopping by appointment. This gives your customers the confidence to come and shop safely. Not only the confirmation of the shopping appointment can be sent by SMS, but also a reminder on the day itself via SMS will be appreciated by your customers. Especially since the shopping per time slot must be planned and supervised very carefully. For you as a merchant, an SMS reminder also has advantages, as it will keep the number of no-shows to a minimum and with it your possible loss of turnover when customers do not show up.

SMS service for the retail sector

By sending relevant SMS messages at the right moment, you almost literally take your customers by their hand and guide them through the buying process (or the shop). And sending business SMS doesn’t have to be complicated. With one simple SMS API from Spryng you can do it all. Curious whether the turnover and service level of your shop(s) can also increase through SMS? As the SMS specialist in the Netherlands, Spryng gives you tailored advice without obligation. Mail or call for more information: or +31 20 770 30 05.


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