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SMS: super fast communication in case of emergency

SMS: super fast communication in case of emergency

We all know the SMS message as appointment reminder or confirmation. It’s a handy tool that has helped to reduce the number of ‘no shows’ (in healthcare, transport and other sectors) tremendously. But because of the fast delivery and high ‘open rate’ an SMS is capable of much more. For example, many organizations use SMS for emergencies. To disseminate information, give a warning or guarantee safety. From care institutions and security companies to the national government: with a simple SMS we make the world a lot safer.  

The use of the SMS service as an automated “alarm bell” makes an important contribution to our safety. The many security applications also clearly show where the power of SMS lies:

  • The open rate of SMS is around 97 percent (that’s almost 4 times higher than email!)
  • 9 out of 10 SMS messages are opened within three minutes.
  • Instant delivery, worldwide: SMS runs over the phone line, so no internet (wifi or 4G) is needed. And SMS knows no spam folder 😉
  • An SMS ‘forces’ the sender to formulate concisely. This increases readability and accessibility.
  • Immediate results: handy analysis tools tell you immediately who received your messages.
  • SMS is much cheaper and more effective than other means of communication.
  • The SMS Gateway is easy to implement in your business process, with one simple SMS API.

SMS is quick and safe

With automated SMS service, you reach your entire target audience (or one individual) with the right text at the right time. It is secure and reliable. Consider, for example, the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) and OTP (One Time Password) applications via SMS. These are low-threshold ways to ensure the security and privacy of data. But did you know that Spryng also has many customers who turn on SMS in emergency situations? For inspiration, here are a few examples of this application of SMS services.

Warnings and AMBER Alert by SMS

January 13, 2022 marks the International Day of AMBER Alert. This nationwide alert system attempts to locate abducted or missing children through social media and SMS. It is a heavy-duty detection tool that is not deployed very often. In 2020, only two times. But it’s precisely this measured use that makes AMBER Alert such a successful tool. The few times it is used, you get the full attention of citizens. The fast open rate of SMS also adds to the attention value.  

From the healthcare sector to the countryside

SMS is also used as an alarm function in the healthcare sector, such as at MoMo Medical.
And of course SMS is a handy tool for security companies, facility services, home security and so on. By linking our SMS Gateway to security systems, users are immediately notified of calamities by SMS. An innovative example is the use of SMS to combat hay fires. The Finnish company Quanturi offers a new solution for this. Their temperature monitoring system HAYTECH was developed for scalding sensitive products. It automatically alerts system owners by SMS if the temperature in these products becomes too high. A similar application of SMS is as an alert in climate control systems. One SMS message alerts you immediately so that the necessary measures can be taken in time.

SMS can save lives

That the SMS Gateway can also save lives can be read in this article on tsunami and earthquake warning systems. The Belgian government has a similar emergency warning system called Be-Alert. A mayor, governor or minister can use Be-Alert to send an SMS message to anyone affected by the emergency. In this way, residents can be quickly informed, for example, to close windows and doors in the event of a fire.

M2M communication uses SMS

Machine-to-machine communication, better known as M2M or telematics, connects devices remotely and exchanges information between devices without human intervention. Examples include remote reading of faults or inventory, or vehicle tracking. With the help of SMS, Spryng makes M2M communication possible, using virtual mobile numbers. Through our SMS gateway you can receive messages from and send messages to M2M nummers.

The benefits of SMS via Spryng

If you decide to start using SMS services for your organization or institution, where do you start? If you want to be sure of your (SMS) business, Spryng offers you optimal service, with guaranteed results. Especially when using SMS as an alert and/or in emergency situations, these advantages are of great importance:

  • Spryng always and only sends via direct connections. This means that the SMS messages are delivered directly to the operators and we are 100% GDPR proof. 
  • We guarantee a delivery rate of 98%. A high rate, because the messages always arrive, unless there is a problem with the telecom operator or a number is not in use.
  • We ensure super fast delivery of SMS messages via our SMS Gateway.
  • Over the last two years, Spryng has had 0% downtime.
  • When a message cannot be delivered and therefore there is no DLR (delivery report), the SMS message is automatically sent again via another route. This way we maximize the delivery percentage.

Got curious?

From airlines to delivery services, and from security to hospitals. For any organisation that benefits from speed, reliability and security, Spryng is the SMS provider of the Netherlands. We are not only in possession of the ISO 27001 certificate, but also – as the only provider for Germany – of the NEN7510 specialization. We comply with all relevant laws and regulations on information and data security. Our extensive certification is proof that we have information security in order. And keep it that way. 

Would you like an orientational conversation or a customized, no-obligation quote? Contact Spryng today. By SMS, by email: or by phone:+49 2131 77 66 00 66. Our team is ready for you with inventive solutions. Simply by SMS.

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