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All the benefits of WhatsApp for business at a glance

Save time and money

Your support team can handle tickets via Whatsapp 3x faster compared to making phone calls.

Increase your turnover

Speed up the generation of potential customers and benefit from more effective campaigns and an accelerated sales cycle.

Convenient and informative

Create a comprehensive company profile with your contact details and opening hours and set up quick replies.

Increase your efficiency

Reduce your costs through tremendous efficiency, and acquire customers through a much higher response rate.

Why Spryng?

Added value
above all else.

  • Perfect onboarding

    We guide you through each step of the WhatsApp for Business onboarding procedure. We take care of everything, for and with you.

  • 24/7 support

    In different languages. On average, you will have a first response within 1.5 minutes and your case will be solved within 7.5 minutes.

  • The highest security standards

    ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified, as the only messaging provider in Europe. The security and safety of all your data is 100% GDPR proof with us.

Start directly

Immediately use META’s official Graph API

Implement the future-proof Graph API to send messages directly through your own software system. The Graph API is the main way to get data in and out of the META platform.

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Why Whatsapp?

Countless possibilities

Improve your Customer Care

Use images, audio, video and response lists for an unparalleled customer experience.

Communicate familiarly

Let customers contact you in their own, familiar way at their convenience, through their favorite channel.

Automate and enrich your messages

Rich media can be used to send order updates, notifications, reminders, and more at a lower cost than traditional messaging channels.

Frequently asked questions

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Why WhatsApp for business?

WhatsApp Business is the preferred method of communication for customers and companies to communicate because of its popular use and simplicity. It gives customer communications the functionalities and convenience of personal chat conversations. Boost your sales, expand your target audience, provide quick customer service and take certain tasks, such as sending simple reminders, to the next level.

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I am already using WhatsApp for business. How do I switch?

As a BSP, Spryng also assists in switching to us as your WhatsApp provider. It doesn't take long to disconnect and reconnect, but we'll guide you through the process.

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Why is WhatsApp for Business not free?

Whatsapp for business offers features that the free service cannot offer. Spryng's Whatsapp for Business service provides you with a verified account, bulk shipping, REST API access, instant support and much more.