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36 situations where SMS messages are the better choice over email, social media or letters

36 situations where SMS messages are the better choice over email, social media or letters

From quick check-ins to important reminders, SMS messages have taken a unique place in our modern communications. While e-mails, social media and traditional letters all have their own advantages, there are times when a simple SMS proves to be the most effective choice. In this blog, we explore 36 of those moments when an SMS message is a better option than any other form of correspondence. Let's dive into the world of instant connection and efficiency, where every text counts. 

Why SMS is a powerful channel in the 20th century

With 91% of the world's population having access to mobile phones and an impressive 98% open rate, SMS remains a powerful channel for keeping customers informed. In fact, with an average open rate of 98%, SMS is the communication channel with the highest open rates of all. Moreover, more than 90% of recipients open SMS within the first 90 seconds of receipt, so you can be sure that your messages will be seen immediately. SMS messages have some advantages over e-mails or letters in this regard:

  • Faster attention: People often have their mobile phones with them and receive SMS messages immediately, while e-mails are not always read immediately.
  • Higher reading frequency: SMS messages generally have a much higher opening and reading frequency than e-mails.
  • Reliability: SMS messages are less dependent on internet access and almost always arrive, even in areas with limited network coverage.
  • Urgency: The brevity and directness of SMS messages convey a sense of urgency that is better conveyed than e-mails or letters. This makes SMS ideally suited for urgent custom situations or (appointment) reminders. 
  • Overflowing inboxes and timelines: Most people's e-mail inbox is overcrowded these days, and standing out in timelines is becoming increasingly difficult because of the many advertisers. If you want to make sure your message arrives, SMS is a smart option. 

SMS alerts during emergencies

SMS can be an important component during emergencies to get people moving. It is highly relevant because users do not need to have internet on their phones to receive the alerts. The high open rate plays and attention value of SMS also plays an important role here. 

Health and safety warning SMS 

Attention residents of [Location], a severe storm is forecast for [Date/Time]. Take shelter immediately and follow local emergency instructions. Keep following local news channels for updates. - [Municipality]

SMS for acute evacuation

Urgent call for residents of [Area]! Evacuate immediately to [Indicated shelter] and follow evacuation routes provided by local authorities. Stay safe! - [Government]

SMS for public safety

[Threat] in this area. Please stay safe. Call [Number] to report an incident. - [Security services]

SMS in case of fire alarm or fire danger 

Warning: Increased fire danger in our office building. Please follow the emergency exit routes and leave the building immediately. Do not use the lifts! Safety first! - [Organisation]

SMS in the event of an unsafe work situation

Warning: leakage of hazardous substances in the building. Leave the building immediately via the emergency exits. - [Organisation] 

SMS in the event of a general emergency (or when you cannot report it)

Emergency situation! Please evacuate the building immediately. Follow the designated routes and report to the assembly point. - [Organisation] 

SMS for adapted traffic situations

Reminder via SMS for traffic and utility situations

Traffic alert for [Route], [Street] will be closed for works from [Start Date] to [End Date]. Plan alternative routes for your commute and take delays into account. - [Employer]

SMS reminder for route updates

Travel advice: Delays expected on [Route] due to [Reason]. Plan your trip accordingly and check for updates before departure. - [Traffic app]

Parking ban reminder via SMS

"Dear residents, please note that there is a parking ban on [street name] from [start time] to [end time] on [date] due to [reason]. Please park your vehicles elsewhere to avoid inconvenience. Thank you for your cooperation. Yours sincerely, [Local Government]."

IT alerts for organisations

SMS for IT-related alerts

Attention! Unauthorised access detected, we have detected suspicious activity on your account. Secure your account now by changing your password and enabling two-step verification. Contact support if you need assistance. - [Organisation]

SMS alert on cyber attack for a company

Cyber attack detected. Immediately shut down your computer and disconnect it from the network. Wait for further instructions. - [Organisation]

SMS reminder for system failures.

Scheduled maintenance warning. Our systems will undergo maintenance from [Start date] to [End date]. During this period, you can expect interruptions. We apologise for the inconvenience. - [Organisation]

SMS updates for opening/closing times

SMS reminder for new opening hours

Dear customer, our new opening hours are: Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 18:00, Sat: 10:00 - 17:00, Sun: Closed. We hope to see you soon! - Organisation]

SMS reminder on new temporary opening hours

Dear customer, on [date] we will be closed due to [reason, e.g. public holiday]. We will be ready for you again on [date]. Happy holiday! Thank you for your understanding. Regards, [Your Company]

SMS announcements from local authorities

SMS reminder to motivate to vote

Dear resident, don't forget to vote on [election date]! Voting sites are open from [opening time] to [closing time]. Your vote counts! Greetings, [Local government]

Reminder via SMS announcement electricity network maintenance

Dear customer, on [date] there will be scheduled maintenance on the electricity network in your area from [start time] to [end time]. This may result in a temporary power outage. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding. Best regards, [Local government].

SMS reminder for waste collection policy changes 

Dear citizen, We would like to inform you of the upcoming changes to the waste collection policy. From [date], new guidelines will be in force regarding waste sorting and collection schedules. Please consult our website for detailed information. Thank you for your cooperation. Best regards, [Local government]

SMS travel updates

SMS for delays

Dear traveller, your booked train connection from [departure station] to [destination] has been delayed by [hours, minutes]. We apologise for the inconvenience. For more info, please see our app or website. Regards, [Transport company]

SMS in case of cancelled trip or flight 

Dear traveller, your flight [number] from [date] has been cancelled. We are offering alternative travel at [time] or a full refund. Please contact us at [phone number] for more info. We apologise for the inconvenience. Regards, [Company]"

SMS in case of expected extreme crowds

Dear traveller, we anticipate extra crowds on [date] from [time] to [time]. Please leave on time to avoid long waiting times. Thank you for your cooperation. Regards, [Transport Company]"

SMS invitations for events and online appointments

SMS for event reminder 

Dear [Name], Don't forget our event [event name] on [date] at [venue]. It starts at [time]. We look forward to welcoming you! Regards, [Organisation]"

SMS for venue changes or event time changes 

Dear [Name], Please note that the location/time of [event name] on [date] has changed to [new location/time]. We apologise for the inconvenience. Regards, [Organisation]

SMS for webinar reminder

Dear [Name], the webinar on [Topic] will start in 1 hour! You can access the webinar via the link the we sent to [Email address]. See you soon! - [Organisation] 

SMS for appointment reminder with sales representative

Dear [Name], don't forget our appointment at [Date, time]! I would be happy to chat in 30 minutes about [Company's] opportunities. I look forward to speaking to you. Regards, [Name] [Organisation]. 

SMS for marketing

Commercial companies can also use SMS to communicate directly and effectively with their customers: discover the power of SMS marketing! From exclusive deals, loyalty programmes and customer satisfaction surveys to and order confirmations. SMS marketing offers a direct and personal way to stay in touch. Check out some examples below of how SMS marketing is used for a seamless shopping experience: 

SMS marketing promotion

Exclusive deal for our valued customers! Enjoy [%] discount on your next purchase with code [Discount Code]. Shop now and take advantage of this temporary offer. Have fun shopping!

SMS customer satisfaction survey

We appreciate your feedback! Please take a moment to complete our survey and help us improve our services. Click here: [Survey URL].

Order confirmation via SMS: 

Thank you for your order! Your purchase #[Order number] has been confirmed. You will receive a message as soon as your order has been shipped.

SMS a birthday message

Happy birthday [Customer name]! Enjoy a special [%] discount on your next purchase as our gift to you. Use code [Code] at checkout.

SMS for product launch announcement

Exciting news! We are introducing our newest product: [PRODUCT NAME]. Be the first to be there now and benefit from a special launch discount. Shop here: [LINK].

SMS for seasonal sale

"Seasonal sale has started! Get up to [%] off selected items. Don't miss this opportunity, shop now: [LINK]. Greetings, [Company]"

SMS for early access

"Exclusive to our valued customers! Get early access to our new collection and enjoy [%] discount. Visit: [LINK]. Have fun shopping! Regards, [Company]"

SMS for shopping cart abandonment reminder

"Hello [Name], we have seen that you have abandoned your shopping cart. Complete your purchase and get [%] discount with code [DISCOUNT CODE]. Shop now: [LINK]"

SMS for loyalty programme invitation

"Dear [Name], Join our loyalty programme and receive exclusive benefits, discounts and rewards. Sign up now: [LINK]. Regards, [Company]"

SMS for back in stock

"Good news! [Product name] is back in stock. Order now and get [%] discount with code [DISCOUNT CODE]. Limited stock available. Shop here: [LINK]"

SMS for referral programme

"Share the love! Invite a friend and both receive [%] off your next purchase. Use this code [REFERRALCODE] and benefit together. More info: [LINK]"

SMS for free shipping offer

"Good news! Enjoy free shipping on your next order. Use code [SHIPPING CODE] at checkout. Shop now and save: [LINK]"

SMS: The ultimate communication tool

With its unmatched open and click rate, SMS is one of the most effective communication channels. By using SMS's features, such as embedded links and two-way chats, you can increase customer engagement and encourage meaningful interactions.

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