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83 percent of consumers want to receive Black Friday deals at least 2 weeks in advance

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83 percent of consumers want to receive Black Friday deals at least 2 weeks in advance

Research: effectively reaching consumers before Black Fridayand Cyber Monday

The battle for the Black Friday consumer is about to begin. Almost all retailers are competing for the same shopping consumer in a single day. Messaging provider Spryng surveyed consumer budgets, when consumers prepare for the ultimate sales shopping spree, and what role messaging plays in marketing activities for Black Friday.  

Budget: 76% save over a month for Black Friday

According to Spryng’s research, over three-quarters (76%) of respondents stop actively purchasing non-urgent purchases a month before Black Friday. So this group of consumers has a relatively large budget to spend on Black Friday. This makes it even more relevant to know how and when organisations can effectively respond to consumers’ information-gathering needs. 

Timing: 83% receive Black Friday deals at least 2 weeks in advance 

In a digital world where everyone is competing for consumers’ attention, it is becoming harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. More than half (56%) of the respondents said they would like to hear from companies about their promotions up to two weeks before the date of Black Friday, while another 27% are even open to advertising messages sent up to a month in advance. 

Messaging: 79% consider purchase after marketing SMS

Many online shops and retailers use the same promotional channels for every promotion: banners, website promotion and social media channels. Messaging is often forgotten. A missed opportunity, because according to Spryng’s research, almost half of shoppers (43%) are considering being contacted about Black Friday via WhatsApp if that possibility exists. Another 40% are considering signing up for marketing SMS messages about special offers. 

“With the growing number of marketing channels, there is a real chance that consumers may overlook that good offer. They can’t see the forest for the trees. An SMS is very effective because it is almost certain to be seen. After all, 95% of all SMS messages are read within 5 minutes,” says Marc Rottinghuis, CEO of Spryng. 

“For a few years, we have seen a trend where the volume of Marketing SMS and Bulk SMS was gradually decreasing. Since 2021, this has changed. We see a significant increase in the volume of marketing-related messaging. You could say that marketers are rediscovering SMS as a marketing channel.”

Moreover, by targeting your customer base via SMS in a timely manner, you reach people who have already shown interest in your products. This increases your reach and increases the likelihood of (another) purchase. The survey shows that the majority of consumers (79%) would consider buying a company’s product if a marketing message was received via SMS or WhatsApp. Notifications via SMS of clearance sales, one-off discount messages or ‘back in stock’ SMS generate the most interest and are received most positively by consumers.

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