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The benefits of
our SMS Gateway

Easily ship worldwide. Link SMS to your customer journey and start sending messages today.

Help with implementation

We provide most implementations free of charge. Our team is at your service.

100+ integrations

Integrate Plug & Play extensions with the systems you already use.

Highest security standard

We are ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified, as the only SMS provider in Europe.

A well-organized customer portal

  • Delivery and receipt reports

    Easily manage everything in one overview.

  • Managing SMS Campaigns

    Up to 1 million messages per campaign.

  • Main and sub accounts

    Manage multiple departments and set up separate PO billing.

Discover the platform

Easy to implement

Get started quickly with your own application in multiple languages such as PHP, Ruby, Node, Javascript and Java.

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Good to know

All the benefits of
our SMS API at a glance

  • Worldwide coverage

    With one API you can use more than 900 networks in approximately 200 countries.

  • Scale capacity

    Spryng automatically adjusts capacity to maintain stable, predictable performance.

  • Two-way communication

    Dialogue possible with a virtual mobile number or shortcode.

  • Direct routing

    The SMS messages are delivered directly to the mobile providers.

  • Better insight

    You always know why messages were not delivered via error codes.

  • Pay in advance or afterwards

    You can choose from a prepaid or postpaid subscription.

quickly and easily

Extra easy due to various SDKs, plugins and sample codes in different languages.

$spryng = new \Spryng\Client('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY'); $message = new \Spryng\Objects\Message(); $message->originator = 'Spryng'; $message->recipients = [31612345678]; $message->body = 'This is a test message.'; $Spryng->messages->create($message); const spryng = new Spryng(YOUR_API_KEY) const message = await spryng.message.send({ encoding: 'auto', body: 'Test message', route: 'business', originator: 'Example Company', recipients: ['31612345678', '31687654321'], reference: 'ABC123' })

Spryng is standard linked to more than 50+ systems.

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Our philosophy

Added value
above all else.

  • The ultimate in service

    We advise, ask, help and listen 24/7. Because only together can we deliver something good.

  • A deal is a deal

    We promise what we can deliver and then deliver. No excuses. Ever.

  • Focus on safety

    We work according to the highest security standards, for the safety of your data and that of your customers.


What our clients say

We chose Spryng because they offer the best quality routes and a rapid delivery is crucial for sending secure notifications. The use of SMS saves thousands of euros every year.

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