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22 SMS and WhatsApp templates for real estate to boost property interest and sales

22 SMS and WhatsApp templates for real estate to boost property interest and sales

Selling property requires excellent customer service and communication skills. And it’s not just the agent’s skills - your choice of communication channels also matter. Traditional channels like local newspapers and publications, and posting flyers through letterboxes may have worked in the past, but today’s consumers expect digital, mobile-focused solutions. That’s where SMS and WhatsApp for Business come into play.

How to use SMS in real estate

New/updated property alerts

Keep buyers and tenants informed with timely updates on new listings and essential information. Messages can be enriched with links to web pages offering detailed property insights or direct phone numbers for instant connection with an estate agent. This approach can be monetized effectively, particularly during periods of high demand in the housing market. Offering new listing subscriptions in preferred areas can serve as an additional revenue stream, enhancing the value you provide to your clients.

On-demand property information 

Real estate agencies can put a keyword and a phone number or a QR code on their For Sale signs placed in front of the house. Then interested parties can text the dedicated phone number or scan the QR code to receive more information about the property.


From rental payment reminders and lease renewal notices to upcoming inspections and viewings, a quick text message reminder is much more effective than an email, phone call or writing it down in a diary. An automated reminder is known to reduce late payments with 70%, saving significant revenue for the company in need of optimised and effective communication.

Lead generation  

Include keywords in advertisements, which when messaged triggers a set of questions relating to the requirements of the potential buyer/tenant (e.g. number of bedrooms required, preferred area etc). Using these insights, you can send tailored recommendations to individual buyers, with the aim of booking a viewing.

Data cleansing

It’s often a time consuming and resource heavy process for real estate agencies to keep their potential customer databases up to date. Mobile messaging makes it easy to send your audience a set of questions – find out if they’re still looking for a property, and what the specifics of that property might be. Learn more about the power of SMS in keeping your customer data clean here.

Virtual business card

Instead of relying on physical business cards which are easily lost, not to mention expensive to print, send prospective buyers a text message that contains all of the details, and links they’ll need to send an email, make a call, or be added to notification lists.

Ready to use SMS templates and WhatsApp templates for property management professionals 

Want to use mobile messaging channels like SMS to boost viewings and sales, but not sure of what to include in your messages? Here’s some inspiration.

New property listing (to buy) via SMS

Hi [NAME], we’ve just listed a new [NO OF BEDS] property in [AREA]. It has some [GREAT FEATURES] that we think you’ll love. Want to see it in person? See the listing and book a viewing: [URL]

New property listing (to rent) via SMS

Hi [NAME], we’ve just listed a new rental property in [AREA] that could be perfect for you. It has [FEATURE], [FEATURE] and is close to [SCHOOLS/TRANSPORT ETC]. If you’re interested, let’s chat. Call us on [NUMBER].

Re-engaging with a lead via SMS

Hey [NAME], are you still looking for a property in [AREA]? We’ve got some new listings that you might be interested in. Would love to show you some - if you’re interested, just give me a call! 

Viewing reminder via SMS

Hi [NAME], you have a viewing booked with [AGENT NAME] at [ADDRESS] on [DATE] at [TIME]. Need to reschedule? Please call the office or click here: [URL]

Viewing follow-up via SMS

Hi [NAME], what did you think of the [NO OF BEDS] property you viewed on [DATE] at [TIME]? 

Rental application follow up via SMS

Hello [NAME], thanks for sending your documents over to us. Your application has been successful. We are processing your details and will send over your rental agreement within [DAYS]. You can follow the process in our online portal, no need to contact us about the progression of your application. 

Contractor reminder via SMS

Hello [SITE MANAGER], [SERVICE PROVIDER] will be visiting [PROPERTY] to add [SERVICE] on [DATE] at [TIME]. Please ensure that [WORK] is completed before then. Thanks, [SERVICE PROVIDER]

Maintenance reminder via SMS

Hi [TENANT NAME], [SERVICE PROVIDER] will be coming on [DATE] at [TIME] to fix [SERVICE]. Please reply with YES or NO to confirm availability. Thanks, [PROPERTY MANAGER]

Viewing reminder (for landlord or owner) via SMS

Hi [LANDLORD/OWNER], we have a viewing booked at [PROPERTY] for [DATE] at [TIME]. Please confirm whether you can make it or would like to send a proxy. Best, [AGENCY]

Viewing reminder (for tenant) via SMS

Hi [TENANT], we have a viewing booked at [PROPERTY] for [DATE] at [TIME]. Please confirm whether this time is convenient for you and whether you will be at the property, or if you consent to the viewing without you being present. Best, [AGENCY]

Rent collection via SMS

Hello [NAME], just a reminder that your rent is due on [DATE]. You can pay via the payment portal here: [LINK] 

Payment reminder via SMS

Hi [NAME], this is a friendly reminder regarding the outstanding payment for your recent transaction with [COMPANY NAME]. We appreciate your business and kindly request that you settle the payment at your earliest convenience.

Maximise your reach with SMS

Solely relying on property websites or email to market your listing will limit your reach. After all, emails sent in the real estate sector have an average open rate of 33.25% and conversion rate of 0.85%. In contrast, SMS’s open and response rates are as high as 98% and an impressive conversion rate of 45%. 

The trick to maximising your reach is to use a mobile messaging channel like SMS alongside email, social media and your other traditional communication channels. That way, you can be present at every stage of the customer journey and have a better chance of meeting your customers where they already are. Want to find out more about SMS for the property sector? Contact us for more information!

Greater reach and exceptional customer service with WhatsApp Business in real estate

Navigating the real estate landscape demands not only sharp customer service and communication skills but also savvy choice of communication channels. In today's digital era, where mobile accessibility reigns supreme, traditional methods like flyers and local newspapers may fall short of meeting modern consumer expectations.

Previously, we've explored the significance of SMS messaging in real estate communication. Now, let's embark on a journey to uncover how WhatsApp for Business, an extension of SMS, can revolutionise your real estate endeavours. Accompanied by tailored templates, we'll unveil how WhatsApp Business can amplify engagement and propel property interest and sales to new heights.

Unlocking the potential of WhatsApp Business in real estate:

Stay updated via WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business facilitates real-time communication, ensuring clients receive instant updates on new listings and property information. Engage in meaningful conversations, promptly address inquiries, and provide additional details to enrich client experiences.

Access information instantly

Simplify the property inquiry process by integrating WhatsApp Business contact details or QR codes on For Sale signs. Prospective buyers can initiate conversations and access detailed information effortlessly, fostering deeper engagement.

Personalised reminders via WhatsApp

Utilise WhatsApp Business to send personalised reminders for rental payments, lease renewals, inspections, and viewings. Enable clients to seamlessly respond, reschedule, or seek further assistance, enhancing communication efficiency and client satisfaction.

Nurturing leads via WhatsApp

 Cultivate relationships with potential buyers and tenants through personalised conversations on WhatsApp Business. Gather insights, provide tailored recommendations, and schedule property viewings to drive conversions and foster client loyalty.

Streamlined data management

WhatsApp Business streamlines data management processes, facilitating efficient updates and cleansing of customer databases. Initiate conversations to verify contact details, preferences, and property requirements, ensuring accurate and relevant records.

Elevated customer support via WhatsApp

Provide exceptional customer support with WhatsApp Business's two-way messaging capabilities. Address queries promptly, resolve issues effectively, and offer assistance throughout the buying or renting process, building enduring trust and loyalty.

Top WhatsApp Business Templates for Real Estate:

New property listing (to buy): 

Hello [Name], thrilled to share a new property listing in [Area]. Interested in scheduling a viewing? Let's chat! Click here: [URL]. 

New property listing (Rent): 

Hi [Name], a fantastic rental property is available in [Area]. Want more details? Feel free to reach out here or visit our website.


Hey [Name], it's been a while! Still in the market for a property? Let's catch up and explore exciting options together.

Viewing reminder: 

Hi [Name], just a friendly reminder about your property viewing tomorrow at [Time]. Let us know if you need to reschedule or have any questions.

Rental application follow-up: 

Hi [Name], we've received your rental application! We're processing it and will be in touch with the next steps soon. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Maintenance update: 

Hi [Tenant Name], maintenance work is scheduled for [Date] at [Time]. Let us know if you have any preferences or concerns regarding the timing.

Contract Renewal Reminder:

Hello [Name], just a heads up that your lease renewal is approaching. Let's discuss any changes or concerns you may have. Feel free to reach out at your convenience."

Property inquiry follow-up: 

Hi [Name], following up on your inquiry about [Property]. Are you still interested? Let's chat and address any questions you may have.

Neighbourhood insights: 

Hi [Name], want to learn more about the neighbourhood around [Property]? I've got some great insights and recommendations for you. Let's connect!

Mortgage assistance: 

Hi [Name], thinking about financing options for your dream home? Let's discuss mortgage assistance programs and find the best fit for you.

Ready to revolutionize your real estate communication strategy? Contact us today to unlock the power of SMS and WhatsApp Business, and take your property sales to new heights!

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