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The positive impact of SMS on education

The positive impact of SMS on education

Reaching different target groups in an effective way is often a challenge for larger organizations. Also for schools and educational institutions, which have to deal with their own staff, pupils/students and parents. They often use e-mails or online platforms to communicate with the various target groups, but these are not always accessible. Therefore, emails about posted messages often get snowed under in an overcrowded inbox. That can be done better. Simply via a cell phone, which everyone has at their disposal these days. And on which you can, within or outside school hours, quickly and remarkably send and receive SMS messages. In short, SMS is for educational institutions not only a positive but also a targeted way of communicating.

Ensure efficiency and personal touch thanks to SMS

The educational sector regularly has to deal with current events. It is then important to reach all concerned parties quickly. Communication via online platforms and e-mail is not ideal; students, parents and teachers are often unreachable outside school hours and do not receive an alert about a sent message. Also, emails quite often end up in the spam box. With a simple SMS, on the other hand, those involved can be reached quickly and efficiently. The opening rate of an SMS (around 97 percent) is simply many times higher than that of an email. Most SMS messages are even read within seconds! In addition, an SMS message is also experienced more as personal communication. That increases the involvement of the receiver towards the school. 

Keep students up-to-date with SMS

As with any organization, there are regular changes and modifications in educational institutions that need to be communicated. Think for example, of a change in the class schedule or the absence of teachers. A simple SMS can prevent students from standing in front of a wrong or empty classroom. In addition, SMS is often used by universities as authentication for entering the platform. Another example is an SMS reminder for tasks and exams. This ensures that students plan their time better and do not miss deadlines. And to complete the testing process properly, the results are communicated afterwards via… SMS! Why? It’s the fastest and most reliable digital solution, with the recipient not even needing 4G or wifi.  

Involve parents in activities

SMS is also a godsend for parents of children in primary and secondary education. For example, to prevent truancy, with an SMS in which a parent or guardian is asked to confirm the absence of their child. But a school can also inform parents about fun and informative activities and meetings, such as school parties and parent meetings. And enlist their help as volunteers. And perhaps less fun, but effective: send a payment reminder by SMS when there is an outstanding bill. In short, by engaging SMS, parents stay involved in the ins and outs of the school and don’t have to worry about lost information. 

Examples of SMS communication in education

Hello [parent], we are just informing you that [student] is absent this morning. Is this permissible? If so, please answer YES to this message or call us at the general number. Best regards, [employee name]


Dear [student name], herewith a reminder for the Biology exam on [date] at [time]. Good luck with your preparation! Regards, [teacher’s name]


Dear [parent name], parent meetings will take place on [date]. If you would like to reserve a time with me, please check my calendar here [link]. Please book soon, as some time slots are popular. Regards, [teacher name]


Dear [name], on [date] we are organizing [name school event] for parents and students. The price: €5 per student, €10 per adult. You can register via this link: [link]. Hope to see you there! 

Guarantee mutual contact and coordination with SMS

Many people work within educational institutions. If you want to guarantee a smooth workflow and save time, send schedules, timetables and news items to your employees via SMS. Schedule changes can also be passed on quickly and easily through this channel. This way, teachers and employees don’t lose any unnecessary time. And everyone stays up to date.

Want to learn more about using SMS in education?

Spryng specializes in sending and receiving automated SMS messages, on a regular basis and for large volumes. We work for many different sectors (including healthcare and education). Does it seem interesting to you to join the SMS Gateway with your school? Spryng knows the way. Feel free to call us with your questions or for an informal discussion: +49 (0) 2131 77 66 00 66. 


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