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SecureLogin increases SMS delivery rate for authentication traffic through partnership with Spryng

SecureLogin increases SMS delivery rate for authentication traffic through partnership with Spryng

"We no longer have support questions about SMS after switching to Spryng"

SecureLogin is an innovative software provider that helps accountancy and administration firms to optimise cooperation between entrepreneurs and accountants. SMS plays an important role in this process, especially for authentication. Every day, SecureLogin sends many declarations, tax-related documents and suspense accounts to entrepreneurs, which may contain sensitive data. This data must be easily accessible, but also highly secure. 

In this article, we discuss the challenge, solution and results of the collaboration between SecureLogin and Spryng with Shannon Bolink, Product Owner. 

Challenge: increase delivery rates of SMS authentication messages 

Bolink: “Access to our software system is secured with two-factor authentication (2FA). If an entrepreneur needs to access his documents and tasks via SecureLogin, it’s important that SMS authentication is guaranteed to arrive. A high SMS delivery rate is key. It should not matter whether our customers are in the Netherlands, South Africa or America. Authentication should always arrive quickly as far as we’re concerned. We had not been very happy with our previous supplier for some time. Switching to a new supplier seemed too much work and was therefore shelved.” Shannon Bolink laughs; “This soon turned out to be an unfounded fear.” 

Solution: switching to Spryng was arranged in no time 

To improve the authentication process via SMS, SecureLogin got in touch with messaging provider Spryng. “We then had a very pleasant conversation with Spryng, after which we were actually immediately convinced that Spryng suits us. Moreover, Spryng is also the only supplier in Europe with both ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certifications. This gives us the feeling that this party takes data security seriously.”

Bolink: “After that, plans were quickly made for conversion. SecureLogin wants to be able to connect easily. Spryng offers an API that allows you to switch SMS providers super quickly and easily. So this was completely developed, linked, tested and put live within a few days. In retrospect, we only regretted not having done this earlier.” 

Results: high delivery speed and never more support questions on SMS

  • Delivery speed: “Spryng uses direct SMS routes. This positively affects the speed in which the SMS with the authentication code arrives. This is very important in the authentication process.”
  • Reliability: “Special OTP routes from Spryng always give authentication traffic priority over other types of traffic. This ensures that authentication messages always arrive.”
  • No more support questions about SMS: “SecureLogin regularly received support questions about slow messages or text messages not arriving. This is, of course, very annoying. The entrepreneur can’t get through, and it takes SecureLogin a lot of time to sort it out. Since using Spryng, we no longer receive support questions about SMS messages not arriving properly. The hours saved on support is ultimately also a cost saving.” 
  • Availability of support: “We like short lines of communication, and like being able to call someone when we have questions or problems. Spryng delivers what they promise, which makes the cooperation a success. Connecting was easy, never any support questions about the messages and super fast response when questions arise.”

Bolink also looks to the future: “SecureLogin is growing, and we will be making many more accounting and administration firms happy with our software in the future. As a result, we also expect to send many more SMS messages, where it is of course important for us that even with larger numbers, our SMS messages are guaranteed to be delivered quickly.”

She concludes, “We are convinced that in the field of SMS, Spryng is the supplier with which we can handle this growth.” 

About SecureLogin 

SecureLogin is a progressive software provider that helps accounting and administration firms help to optimise cooperation between entrepreneurs and accountants optimise. In addition, SecureLogin makes access to online applications easier, more manageable and above all more secure.

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