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LoyJoy – SMS to improve your event?

LoyJoy – SMS to improve your event?

About LoyJoy
LoyJoy is an enterprise-ready cloud platform that enables brands to transform business processes into frictionless, automated chats. Brands benefit from the simplicity, convenience and joy that customers love about chat experiences. The LoyJoy chat interface can be branded and published to websites, social media, apps and more. Transforming processe into chats is a breeze thanks to LoyJoy’s self-service platform, which combines a BPMN process engine with state-of-the-art AI for Natural language Processing.

Founded in 2018, the company is already a trusted partner for clients such as Beiersdorf, Deutsche Telekom, Melitta, Savencia and Kölln. Brands are able to increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction by 300%.

Keep the conversation going
As a Sponsor of the 2021 TEDxMünster event, LoyJoy contributed a chatbot for the event to accompany up to 300 participants throughout the day. The chatbot was able to provide information on the location, the speakers and the talks. But to elevate the event further, the goal was to send timed messages to each participant with relevant information regarding the break programm, food locations or start of the next talk. A virtual Agenda of some sort, including a personal reminder on when to go back to your seats. Since participants might forget to check the chatbot again, one question occurred: How to reach the participants individually at specific times without any effort from their side. To keep the conversation between participants and organizers going, SMS was the best answer.

SMS was the answer
Since SMS presented the best solution, LoyJoy chose Spryng for support during the event. In regards to communication, application and especially concerning GDPR regulations, Spryng was the top choice. The LoyJoy chatbot enabled event participants to sign up with their mobile number and through Spryng, LoyJoy was able to send timed SMS in order to give participants the best information at the right time. The participants appreciated the easy use of SMS during the event without having to sign up for something that lasted longer than the event day itself.

“An unique event with an unique solution thanks to Spryng”
Caren Viétor, Customer Success Manager, LoyJoy


Want to know more about verification via SMS?
The team at Spryng will be happy to tell you more about it. Or about one of the many other applications for automated SMS messages. Because in many cases using SMS is the smartest and easiest communication solution. Call Spryng on +49 2131 77 66 00 66 for free advice or a demo account.

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