Our SMS integrations

Spryng has ready-made connections with dozens of software systems. This allows you to send SMS quickly and easily. Check the overview below to find out if we have a link to your system.


With Cryptshare emails and files of any size can be exchanged ad-hoc – easily and securely, with auditability and at low cost.

Yellow Yard

Yellow Yard’s recruitment software helps organizations in various sectors to save time and improve their recruitment processes.


Syntess Atrium is a practice-oriented ERP software for the modern technical service provider. Originated from an installation company, all experience comes together in an all-in-one system.


SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products in data processing. In other words: effective management systems that enable companies to deliver optimal performance.


PinkRoccade offers various IT solutions for digitisation processes in the healthcare and local government sectors.


OTYS’ recruitment platform ensures more efficient work, more candidates and better matches.


Insocial helps to turn customers into fans. With insights into the key areas for improving your business, based on comprehensive customer feedback.


European IT service provider in the fields of process optimization, IT outsourcing and management, business process outsourcing and staffing.


Digital voice solutions for a wide range of customers. This innovative language technology makes customer interaction efficient, simple and humane.