How SMS makes healthcare more effective and efficient

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No-show solutions

More and more healthcare institutions recognise that they need to work effectively and efficiently with less budget, whilst quality requirements keep increasing. A problem that virtually any institution in healthcare has had to deal with is the “no shows.”

Dear Mrs. J. Williams, on Friday the 6th of June at 1:30 PM you have a meeting with Cardiac Function Department.


Solving no-show

More and more hospitals and other healthcare institutions are actively working to minimise the no-show problem to prevent such waste in healthcare.

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This is done in collaboration with Spryng. Did you know that Spryng originated in 2006 as a supplier of SMS services to hospitals to reduce the ‘no-show’ problem?







SMS applications in healthcare

In addition to providing appointment reminders by SMS, many hospitals and other healthcare institutions make use of Spryng’s SMS authentication services and of SMS alerts when there is a calamity.

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Today 15:30
Dear Mrs. Miller, you have an appointment on 01-12-2019 at 12.00 hours at the Radiology Polyclinic.

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icon-conversationStandard connections We are linked to all Hospital Information Systems (HIS), for example Epic, Chipsoft, SAP, CSC, McKesson, Cloverleaf and also with all systems that mental health care and municipal health institutions, dentists and pharmacists work with.


Knowledge Our several Health services combined with the knowledge gained in recent years, and many standard connections that Spryng has with the different systems within healthcare, makes Spryng the partner of choice for SMS services in healthcare.

SMS reminders for appointments

SMS reminders for appointments

Send an SMS to your patients to remind them of the appointment. This minimises the ‘no-shows’ with at least 60% and patients experience this as a special, extra service. SMS reminder in healthcare increases the utilisation of treatment rooms, doctors and other staff and waiting lists and waiting times are minimised. Spryng specialises herein and reduces successfully for many organisations in the Netherlands and Belgium to a minimum.

Dear Mrs. Brody, you have an appointment on 01-12-2019 at 12:00 PM at the Radiology Polyclinic.

SMS reminders to take medication or pick up medication

SMS reminders to take medication or pick up medication

Research has shown that patients who receive an SMS reminder to take their medication, in 16% of the cases the patients improve in taking their medication. Also, the intake pattern has become more regular and patients take their medication more often at the same time which for certain medication is very important. Also an SMS can be sent when the possibility nears for picking up a repeat prescription. Spryng supplies practically every pharmacy in the Netherlands and Belgium with services through various software programs where Spryng’s SMS Gateway has been implemented.

Dear Mr. Parker, please will you remember to take your medication today? Yours sincerely, Your Pharmacy

Log in via SMS in a secure environment

Log in via SMS in a secure environment

Many healthcare organisations now use SMS as a medium for tokenless authentication. Doctors and other staff can gain access to confidential information from any desired workplace via SMS authentication. Spryng’s SMS Gateway is amongst others standardly linked to the Multi Factor Authentication systems of RSA, SafeNet, SMS PASSCODE, Secure Envoy and Sonic Wall. These parties provide worldwide SSL VPN systems. Additionally, Spryng’s SMS Gateway is also holds many patient portals, where security and privacy is improved by only being able to log in via a verification code via SMS and 2FA.

Your temporary SMS login code is 37043. This code has serial number 9. This code is valid for only 10 minutes.

Sending SMS to schedule staff

Sending SMS to schedule staff

Many healthcare institutions use SMS to communicate with their employees in relation to work or open shifts in the schedule. Research shows that 98% of all SMS messages are opened and read within five minutes. With e-mails this is less than 40%. A large advantage is that the costs are very low compared to traditional media, such as making a phone call. Spryng’s SMS Gateway is standardly linked to many planning programs such as ORTEC’s software. Two-way communication, so interaction with employees is also possible by means of a reply option by use of a Virtual Mobile Number.

Dear Esther, are you able to work tomorrow from 07:00 AM to 15:30 PM in the Vascular/Trauma unit? Regards, Fanielle, Flex Desk

Send SMS alerts in case of emergencies or calamities

Send SMS alerts in case of emergencies or calamities

Many healthcare instituations use SMS alerts to communicate directly in urgent situations with a group of people. Spryng’s SMS service is widely used in healthcare institutions incase of emergency when it is necessary to alert all staff at once simultaneously. Sending bulk SMS for alerts is very simple, within seconds an entire group of people can be alarmed.

Dear Richard, please immediately go to location 2A as there is an emergency. Regrds, Dirk. Emergency Team