SMS for financial institutions

Sending SMS within the financial sector ensures reliable and efficient business. This increases security and customer satisfaction


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Quick and simple set-up with one SMS API

Only one simple SMS API is necessary to quickly set-up an SMS service to your clients. The SMS API from Spryng is easily integrated into existing software packages and systems.


Secure systems

By sending SMS you provide your system extra security against unauthorized access. This is essential for your organization and helps reassure your customers.


Check with a One Time Password sent by SMS if the client really is who they claim to be. This saves in costs and increases your business security.


By using SMS, your customers are alerted quickly and effectively to take action. For example to extend their insurance or to pay an outstanding invoice. This works more effectively than sending a letter or e-mail.

"A quick and secure SMS delivery is crucial to us. That is why we choose to work with Spryng"
Santander sends SMS via Spryng

Easy integration

Connect our SMS API with your own system and start sending SMS today.

Certainty of secure data

Spryng uses the highest security standard for SMS services. With our ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certification you are assured of maximum data protection. Not only in healthcare, but also in financial services, logistics, retail and other sectors.

SMS Gateway


SMS reach in over 200 countries

With more that 900 networks in over 200 countries, our SMS Gateway has a global reach.


Around 2 million SMS messages per day

Everyday we send and monitor millions of SMS messages sent to the customers of our clients


25.000 customers have preceded you

To complete satisfaction because we promise what we can deliver and we then make it happen. No excuses. Ever.


No hidden costs

Spryng doesn’t charge start-up costs or monthly fees. You only pay for what you actually send